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REC’s Modal Split + REC/your financial, environmental and health performance.

Distribution of travel modes in 2019 for all REC Head Office staff*
*NB: Travels exclude missions, sick-leave, public holidays etc.

Was there a modal shift between 2014 and 2015?
NB: Journeys made by multiple-modes are not counted twice.
*If you telecommute (work from home), please register this by double clicking on the Remote Desktop icon on your desktop and completing our transport survey (it takes less than two minutes to complete)!
REC staff’s financial, environmental and health performance in 2019
PeriodBenzene saved in Litre*Benzene saved in HUFCO2 emitted in KgCO2 saved in Kg*Calories burned
January, 2019118.200192.15261.5324,983.00
*Compared with universal single occupancy vehicle use
**Personal data today concerns only journey TO the office