Help for the desktop application

Every day when you log in to REC network from the HO, you will be asked to indicate that morning’s mode of transport and afterwards, the last workday evening’s (because both can be different).

A small application will appear, which you can close only by choosing one of the listed options. There are eight different simple modes and one multiplied mode. When you choose one of the simple modes, the application automatically saves your answer and closes the actual window.

If you have traveled by more than one transporation device, you have to choose the multiple modes option.
This case eight new input fields will appear for the modes, where you have to add the percentages of the total distance for each mode. You can add numbers between 1 and 100, and the window will disappear when the total of the given percentages reaches 100.

Below you can see how to fill the TMT survey.

If further technical assistance needed, please create a Helpdesk ticket.