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Ride-sharing encourages commuters to make use of drivers' empty seat space, which in turn helps reduce CO2 emissions, make our cities cleaner and more liveable by reducing congestion, and has the added bonus of fostering team spirit! The following colleagues came by car today:

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Tips: Click on a green polygon to reserve a seat. An automated email will be received by the driver. Until your request is accepted, the seat remains orange. It will then turn red once confirmed. 'Driver Observations' may additionally include specific route-related diversions and/or alternative departure times.

Consider for a moment the actual cost of driving to/from your desired destination. Enter the distance in km (no decimals) that you travel to/from work:
Journey Cost Calculator*
*The methodology used to calculate the journey cost to the driver is illustrated within the following example: 50km is the distance travelled/100km (to elicit the average fuel consumed) =0.5*7 litres average consumption per 100km (=3.5 litres consumed) * xx HUF fuel price per litre (pulled from REC's in-house accounting system) + (9 HUF amortisation*xx km) = XXX HUF.

**What about the true societal cost of the journey? If you factor in road maintenance, emissions, noise, congestion, healthcare etc., you might be surprised to learn that it's over nine times higher than the cost to the driver's pocket, according to research completed by Discourse Media.Time then for a change?

Got comments to this page? Are you a driver looking to cut your costs or a passenger seeking the 'daily ride reminder?' Then please email Jerome.
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