This page is a portal to various mobility services to help REC colleagues get to and from the office sustainably. A number of services are visible at the top of the page, including Ride-sharing, Bike to work and Public Transport. The Reports page invites you to monitor your personal travel behaviour on a daily, monthly or annual basis after logging in (non-REC staff can view year-on-year organisational data). This is based on a daily survey of travel behaviour. For more information please see the About page. Please contact REC’s mobility manager, Jerome Simpson in case you've any questions about REC's #bigdata organisational mobility planning initiative. Our goal is to develop the tool for third party use (read our call here) and this page as a full Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) portal.

  • Privacy Policy

    Personal data is not being shared with others. Only you see your personal environmental impact when logging in. Your personal details as a ride-sharer are limited to your district and locale only (at your choice).